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The Second Front

Beyond simply exposing the NATO propagandists working during this war, I have also decided to preserve as much evidence of their ideology in action as I possibly can.

All the war crimes, the torture, the murder, rape, and devastation carried out by these blood drunk fascists in Ukraine is not a few bad apples. It is not a side effect. It is the inevitable result of fascist ideology.

There has been widespread violence, if not even genocide, towards the Russian people of Eastern Ukraine in particular, but all of Ukraine in general, at least since the NATO backed Maidan coup of 2014. Evidence of this has been, and continues to be, systematically suppressed with the hope of eventually scouring it from memory.

Far too many genocides have gone this way. I was particularly inspired by Iris Chang and her excellent (and heartbreaking) book “The Rape of Nanking”, and learning that after carrying out one of the largest, most brutal and most involved genocides in the history of man, across an entire continent and 2 decades, the perpetrators almost all walked away, with the evidence buried so deep that much of it has been lost.


Because it benefitted the United States government in it’s efforts to rehabilitate the butchers of Asia.

This cannot be allowed to ever happen again. We are seeing a serious effort to purge this information from the internet, with bannings and removals of footage beyond counting at this time. Of course, the mostly imaginary atrocities the Russians are allegedly carrying out are amplified to a silly extent. This is the second front in the war. It is a war of information, a war of perception, a war which started in 1945 when Dulles and Gehlen spread it’s first seeds, and one which NATO has been winning decisively.

I cannot pretend to change that by myself with this one website, nor will I. But I will do as much as I can to preserve both the evidence of Ukranian war crimes, but also the testimonies of survivors so there cannot be another Nanking.

History is a weapon, and we must be prepared to use it.

Today I have some testimony from survivors of Mariupol. I will admit now that I am going to err towards preservation in this effort. Anything that can be proven to be false, I will delete. However, without evidence it will remain for historical purposes. Anything that is violent or disturbing will be tagged as such.