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The MDF, NATO’s money men in Ukraine?

The MDF was founded in 2013 by Jakub Parusinski, Daryna Shevchenko (the two of Kyiv Independent infamy), and Eugene Zaslavsky. It is an organization which, from it’s inception has partnered with the NED, Internews (a US government funded organization, as you can see on page 9 of their tax forms), the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NATO itself, along with the far right Ukrainian World Foundation.

They tried to scrub this recently, but unfortunately for them the wayback machine does not forget.

As you can see, they carry out “training” seminars for journalists, all funded by NATO governments. They have been doing this for some time, and their extensive foreign backing means that they have a lot to offer to these often-struggling journalists.

The idea, if I am to speculate a bit, is to create an army of US/NATO aligned freelance journalists, who can now be deployed to regional papers all throughout Ukraine.

The Core of it all?

To that end, one of their latest efforts is called CORE. This US funded enterprise seeks to help expand smaller media outfits, which it can then fill with stories from it’s network of MDF trained journalists. Usually, a small paper could not afford to expand, but with MDF’s army of NED trained freelancers, the content mills can create nearly endless amounts of stories. Most will be bland, basic reporting, of course, but you only need to slip in a bit of propaganda here and there to influence opinions.

Then, they offer SEO and advertising support, so this new surge in reporting can be seen by the maximum amount of people possible. This increases revenue for the papers, of course, but also ensures that the propaganda is widely proliferated throughout Ukraine.

You have your NED trained writers doing work for hundreds of papers all throughout Ukraine. This seems like it would be a rather excellent way to spread propaganda, does it not?

The sites are lured in because they understand that there is much money to be made and grants to be won, and all they have to do is publish stories from the NED approved journalists. They have had some significant successes. Ukrayinska Pravda, who’s editor now works for them, is one.

They now offer another service, Core Consultancy & Mentorship (coremedia.network) which offers teams of consultants to fix up Ukranian papers, McKinzie style.

Let’s look at some of them, shall we?

Andrey Dikhtyarenko

Radio Journalist for “Radio Svoboda”, which is Radio Free Europe’s Russian service. Radio Free Europe was founded by the CIA and is operated by the US Government.

Gaygysyz Geldiyev

Gaygysyz was the executive producer for hromadske.ua, a news agency funded almost entirely by NATO governments and their cutouts.

fin_zvit_2021.pdf (hromadske.ua)

I question, exactly, what sort of consulting work a CIA agent and former NATO news executive producer will be doing?

The influence network

Of course, without any influence, all this would be pointless and theoretical. We must now examine this octopus and see just how much reach it has. I have started the process of finding news outfits associated with CORE.


A NATO funded news agency as I have demonstrated above, Hromadske has nearly 1 million followers on Twitter for the Ukranian version. Previously, CORE member Geldiev was their executive producer.

Their current editor in chief, Yevheniia Motorevska, is also employed by the Public Integrity Council, a UK funded Ukranian government organization which works with USAID to hunt down “corruption.”

Prior to that, she worked for Новини України — читати останні новини в Україні онлайн | Слідство.Інфо (slidstvo.info), a “journalistic” outfit which seems to exist mostly to doxx and harass Russians in the name of anti-corruption. This is an offshoot of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, a US based NGO which receives more than half it’s funding from the US government, and significant portions from other NATO governments.

AnnualReport2020.pdf (occrp.org) Funding report is on page 25.

investigation.info also recieves some amount of funding on it’s from NATO governments and their aligned NGOs and charities.

Ukrayinska Pravda

Sadly, not related to the original Pravda, this paper was founded in 2000 by Georgiy Gongadze, a Georgian right-wing terrorist (I should REALLY write more about him later.) This paper now has nearly 1 million followers on twitter.

This paper is far right, and openly lauds the OUN, Stepan Bandera, and justifies the massacre of Poles and Commuinists. I’ve been poking around this for a while and I still find it difficult to believe how brazen the Ukrainian right wing can be.

Their executive director, Andrey Boborykin, works for CORE. The editor in chief, and Andrey’s wife Sevgil Musayeva, got somewhat famous back during the Maidan coup for founding Crimea SOS, a NGO founded with NED cash working for the return of Crimea to Ukranian control, mostly by offering what they call “verified information” but given their funding, is likely anything but.

RIA Media Group

No dramatic NATO ties here, however the CEO, Oleg Horobets, runs papers in Vinnitsa, Zhytomyr, Ternopil, Khmelnytski and Koziatyn. Between these cities, there is a population of over 1.5 million greatly expanding the reach of CORE and the MDF, and therefore the NED.

Horobets, and his company RIA Media (they really do like naming their shit after old Soviet outlets) are proudly displayed as clients on the front page of CORE’s site.

There is more. CORE brags about their 100 brands and 15 million users a month. This outfit and therefore it’s paymasters in Virginia, has built considerable influence on the Ukranian press. This rabbit hole goes deeper than I know, and it could be the lynchpin of an entire national scale NED propaganda operation.

This is going to be a major work in progress, however I want to publish now to help get this out as I continue to work on the story.

The Kyiv Dependent

Throughout this war, one of the most prolific voices has been the Kyiv Independent. Through both their website and their twitter account they have been posting a nearly endless stream of unconfirmed and often fantastical pro-Ukrainian propaganda. However, despite never offering even a scrap of evidence, they exploded from a few thousand followers before the war to several million now, with millions more following their individual reporters. Their war “reporter” Illia Ponomarenko has even been on Fox News

I was doing a little legwork on their most odious propagandist, the admitted Azov member Ponomarenko (https://twitter.com/IAPonomarenko) and in so doing I have happened upon what I think is clearly a NATO propaganda operation.

I’ll get back to Illia in a moment, but for now we must turn an eye to the paper he works for, the Kyiv Independent. While it is normal on the surface, when you examine the “journalists” they employ, a certain pattern emerges.

Olga Rudenko, Editor-in-Chief:

According to her Linkedin she worked for three years with an organization called “Objective Investigative Reporting Project” as a grant coordinator for “independent Journalists”

A little digging around finds that she is referring to this, of which no unpacking is necessary given as the sidebar tells us what we need to know.

“Launched in July 2013, Objective is a new media development project and joint venture of Niras/BBC funded by the Danish Foreign Ministry. The project will run for four years in seven countries – Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey.”

The question could now be asked of how Miss Rudenko was able to get this grant (and it must have been a significant one, given as it was paying for 3 years of work) so quickly after graduating. Up to this point she was not a particularly distinguished journalist, writing mostly local stories for Kiev papers. Perhaps further investigation would reveal this answer.

She would also at some point, become a fellow of the Wilson Center, another US Government funded think tank for whom she has also written some news articles.

Prior to the Kyiv Post, and later Independent, she would work as a foreign freelancer for a somewhat mysterious, albeit probably mostly benign organization, Associated Reporters Abroad, wherein she wrote stories for various American and overseas press.

Jakub Parusinski, CFO:

Excuse the poor image quality on this one, vampires are difficult to photograph

The CFO of the Independent, Jakub is a suspiciously young person to be holding such a position graduating college only in 2015. Perhaps he was simply born wealthy, or perhaps he was something else. His training and education seems to be mostly in the field of economics, not media or journalism.

Earlier in his unlife, this vampire managed an office for McKinsey, about which very little needs to be said. The history of McKinsey and US intelligence working together is long and clear.

However, a deeper look shows that he also worked for the International Center for Policy Studies. This is a think tank founded in 1994 by the Open Society Institute, and funded in large part by the German Marshall Fund of the United States, which was founded by the German government and is currently funded by USAID more than any other donor (view page 20)

He also founded the Media Development Foundation with Shevchenko and Rudenko. The MDF is an organization which seems to exist primarily to spread money from the NED, USAID, NATO and Internews (which is itself 90% government funded) to the so called “independent” press of Ukraine.

As you can see from their documents, they are in up to their heads in NATO regime change cash.

Furthermore, this foundation is in bed with most of the rest of the Ukranian English press.

An article about the MDF itself, and it’s influence within Ukranian media, will be forthcoming.

Daryna Shevchenko, CEO:

Her background is very juicy indeed, working for a company called IREX. IREX is a global education and development NGO created by the Ford Foundation and US department of State in 1968 and funded to them to such an extent it’s financial disclosure form says the following:

“IREX receives funds from the U.S. Department of State (DOS), the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), other Federal agencies, and private-sector sources. Approximately 86 percent and 90 percent of the funds received in 2020 and 2019 including cost share, respectively, were through awards from the U.S. Government.”

This is another IREX employee describing their job. It’s given as an example of the sort of thing this NGO does.

After that, she founded a company called the Media Development Foundation, which works with both the National Endowment for Democracy and the US Embassy in Kiev before getting together with Jakub to found jnomics media, then the Kyiv Independent.

According to her Facebook, she also did a stint at the Institute for the Development of the Regional Press, another NGO with USAID funding, quite openly so in this case.

The intelligence ties of Miss Shevchenko have deeper roots than her comrades, she was working for IREX all the way back in 2011. From there, her pattern of collaboration with the US and NATO regime change agencies continues for her entire career as you can see. A quick perusal of her Facbook also reveals some nationalist ties, laying wreaths on monuments to fascist terrorists all the way back in 2011. She also seems to enjoy reading books by nationalist author Vasyl Shkliar.

From her Facebook
From her blog, one of those books is charmingly titled “The Black Sun”

Oleksiy Sorokin, COO:

Started as an Intern for Transparency International which, according to it’s own disclosures is funded by the US Department of State, UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and the Foreign offices of many other NATO/US aligned states.

He then went straight from that into a COO and editor job after only 3 years experience. This man is also VERY young, only graduating college in 2018. His ties to NATO are not as deep as the rest, although we can say they have deepened considerably now.

Illia Ponomarenko, Azov Member:

Now we’re back to this punk.

Attended a very odd university, Mariupol State Humanitarian University who you can see right on their front page is quite proud of their partnership with USAID. From there, he went straight into working as a “defense reporter” and befriending Nazi militia commanders and becoming one of the most odious propagandists in this war.

The university is a strange tale. Formed only in 1991 and, again, openly USAID funded. Their rector Mykola Trofymenko got the job in 2020 at age 34. The university seems to be very much NATO aligned, as we can see here from Illia’s professor.

This little rat is the reason I started on this journey in the first place, being the least credible propagandist since Baghdad Bob.

What is very credible, however, is his ties to and friendship with Azov. He lacks even the shame to scrub this evidence from his twitter before going on Fox news.

Illia on exercise with Azov
Illia’s friends brought back “civilization”
Illia shouting out the Donbas battalion, a group responsible for torture, rape, banditry and armed robbery.

In a new low even for him, on March 27th, 2022, in response to widely circulated videos of Ukranian fascists torturing and kneecapping Russian prisoners, Illia not only made apologies for their crimes, but called for further atrocities.

It has become increasingly clear that Mr. Ponomarenko is a violent, dedicated fascist, who advocates for terrorism, torture and murder on the dime of the United States taxpayer.

This is a work in progress, more will be found, and more will be added.